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Lite-Waves Therapeutic Education (Lite-Waves) is a genuine outreach social & emotional support service, which was created to meet the growing needs faced by many young people and their families, living in inner city urban locations. Social deprivation, peer pressure, single parenting, homelessness and unemployment, are stressors, which are a dominant reality in these areas and thus creates its own problems. Lite-Waves aim to redress this imbalance through a series of group workshops and individual support which we call the ‘Re-Connect Programme’. This programme is designed to systematically cover social and emotional events that a child or young person may experience growing up.

We work with all ethnicities, however, we specialise in working with people of African and Caribbean descent. We work with school aged young people in all sectors. Our work in primary schools specifically targets younger children, with the belief that working with children from an early age gives them immediate insight into rights, roles, and responsibilities; thus we empower them to break negative cycles by ensuring that they are better equipped to make positive life choices which will lead to better outcomes.


A first blog and a warm welcome to visitors to our new site. We are hoping that it will work well as a link to accessing our services, and a way of keeping in touch with current affairs. A big thank you to Bonline for their professionalism in sorting out the hiccups. An even bigger thank you to Lite-Waves Management Team for strategic management and personal support.

Patricia CEO
July 2016

Where has the past year flown to. I cannot believe that a year has gone by since I last posted, maybe I will make this a yearly thing
Just kidding.

The struggles within the community continues as the cuts to funding for organisations and schools continue. We have had to find ingenious ways to meet needs. Thank you team for your commitment. to excellence and thank YOU young people and parents for working with us. Our desire is to see you excel in all aspects of Life. Keep on believing that you can and YOU WILL

July 2017


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